In this 2022 Kick Off of "It Matters." Podcast MLK 40 Days of Peace Celebration - We The World Freedom Campaign CoHosts explore lessons learned and how we are moving forward by helping you move forward with us.


In our first episode of 2022, Ana Peres Bogo joins me (Yvette Dubel) to look at how we will kickoff our work for MLK’s 40 Days’s of Peace. As the guiding light for our work, we talk about what it takes to keep moving forward with this podcast. We chat about dealing with emotional overwhelm. We share personal strategies for self-care and moving forward without losing hope. Most importantly we invite you to join us in this quest to find harmony between the personal and public actions that advance our better world. Listen to learn more about how the We The World Freedom Campaign is working to create community self-help resources and events to activate our inquiry to understand Transformative Advocacy/Activism.